Warwick household to CRA 19.6.16

Cracroft one-off HWC fail


After Neighbourly.co.nz posting of:

Cashmere News Diary: 16 June 2016 – Water quality cover-up? cashmere.org.nz/news/Cashmere-News-Diary-16Jun2016.html

Rebecca Warwick from Cracroft commented:

Our element also needed replacing shortly after the earthquake (our house was only 7 months old). Haven’t had a problem since.

Cylinder make and type: HJ Cooper, mains pressure, solar ready.

CRA responds:

Karen Degen’s and Rebecca’s replies reinforce each other and offer a clue. The sudden spike of cylinder corrosion post-earthquake could have been due to the short-term addition of chlorine as a steriliser to the water supply. Did this make it slightly acidic, causing the corrosion, at that time? It doesn’t explain why it’s just a Cashmere-area problem though, nor why it is still continuing (when the chlorination has long ceased.)

Is Christchurch water ok?

What’s up with Christchurch water? – for supplier resolution

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We have been asked: what’s up with Christchurch water?

Hot-water cylinders are regularly damaged and expensive to repair, so this website collates the facts towards resolution by suppliers of water and cylinders.

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