Garlick household Neighbourly 3.8.18

I have just had my 18 month old hot water cylinder fail. Both the plumber and the electrician told me they are run off their feet replacing cylinder elements. There is a chemical reaction that occurs when chlorinated water is heated and passed thru copper pipe. The council are now aware of this but are denying any responsibility. So not only are CCC and Dr Alistair Humphreys poisoning half of Christchurch, they are also slowly wrecking our homes. Unfortunately for Dr Humphreys and the CCC, two of the biggest rebuilds in Christchurch – the new Hospital and the justice precinct – are completely piped in copper. Please share as the more ratepayers who know about this the better.
– John Garlick from Hillsborough


I have just had to have my water cylinder replaced. It was old but chlorinated water may have hurried it along!
– Joy Masters from Cashmere, 04 Aug

Likewise a 2 year old cylinder with 2 elements….both corroded
– Dugald Wilson from Woolston, 04 Aug

Our 30 month old cylinder being replaced. And same story from plumber who is flat tack replacing cylinders due to chlorinated water. Our new cylinder is vitreous enamel which we are hoping to get more life from. Since the 2011 earthquake we have now had three new cylinders
– Naomi Hannah from Cashmere, 04 Aug

I too have had three replacements since the earthquake 😦 Thanks for sharing about the cylinders. I have noticed hot water temperature dropping! What’s to stop the replacement elements corroding?
– Chris Coleman from Huntsbury, 07 Aug

Filtering the water 💦 is your answer – for all yr needs
– Greg Woods from Mount Pleasant – Redcliffs, 08 Aug

Why should we have to pay to filter our water…….
– Janice Lisle from Sumner, 08 Aug

It is not only copper elements, as our last one was stainless steel, but the chlorine reacts with the welds on stainless causing the cylinder to leak around where the pipes go in. Hurrumph! Not at all happy with the unexpected cost of having chlorinated water. We were not warned by council of this.
– Naomi Hannah from Cashmere, 11 Aug

We were not warned by council of this. Agreed. This looks like a liability issue. If a plumber uses initiative to offer a filter system on piping BEFORE water enters tank, they could make a fortune!
– Viv Yeki from Woolston, 11 Aug

They Are!!
JG – John Garlick from Hillsborough, 11 Aug


“Christchurch plumber Darren Chatwin says July and August have been the busiest months for cylinder repair and maintenance since the Canterbury earthquakes in 2010 and 2011. ‘Our workload regarding hot water cylinders has probably gone up 400 percent’ … Christchurch hot water cylinder manufacturer Superheat have had to double their production over the last five weeks, bringing in extra staff and working overtime to keep up with demand” – Chlorine suspected in Christchurch hot water cylinder failures, TV3 Newshub, 14 Aug

N.B. Christchurch City Council chlorine map, from 26 March 2018

Hot Water Cylinder Not Working – Do You Need An Electrician or Plumber?


Ron McCandlish to CRA 31.7.18

Dear Committee,

Water Cylinder Corrosion Problems

I have the rights to American technology for treating hardness etc., in
water. This is a non-chemical treatment process. Reading of the problems
your residents are having with water heating elements I just may be able to

Please contact me at this email or at the cell phone number below.

Kind regards

Ron McCandlish


Gausstech limited
+64 22 407 8583.

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Shaw‎ household to CRA 14.8.17

Hi there, we live on Dyers Pass Rd and have replaced 2 elements on a Peter Cox Silver Bullet cylinder in 2016. Eventually the cylinder started leaking and required full replacement. The brand new cylinder has already had one element replaced. Ironically our 30 year old cylinder seems to be much more reliable, although we still have had to replace one element in just under 5 years. Marcus Shaw‎

M_______ household to CRA 15.7.17

repeated HWC and kettle element damage

Frequent HWC element burnouts in beautiful Bowenvale Valley

Starting to lose count of the number of elements we have needed to replace in our home – 1972 original HWC owned house since 1982 (35yrs).

Going back, say last 10-12 yrs – replacement element June 2006, Sept 2010, Feb 2011, new Rheem cylinder with new element July 2011, burnt out July 2015 and again May 2017!!! Thats more than enough replacements – haven’t added up the total cost of parts, van mileage, callout, labour etc.

Our electric jugs/kettles arent lasting and have had several Sunbeam plastic and s/s models replaced under Warranty or just out of Warranty period. Our current s/s Breville has been leaking water from base for several months until it got so bad needed to buy replacement last weekend! Still locating Warranty but when found (tonight?) we should obtain a refund under the CGA!

Also in recent months the inside of our electric jug is a daily, if not several times weekly, task to try to keep clean of scale! Even the new jug which is only 5 days old has signs of build-up already. Prior to this purchase, a retailer told us that a Warranty may not cover a leaking jug because of liquefaction getting into the water supply, but we didn’t have liquefaction from the quakes in our area!

– __b & __y M_______ from Cashmere, D_______d Drive

– Reply to our local inquiry via Neighbourly, CCC water burns Cashmere HWCs, noted at

Price household to CRA 14.7.17

titanium element much better

We were a rebuild (Brickworks Lane) and had a brand new cylinder. We went through three elements (One every three months). They finally replaced it with a titanium element on Christmas Eve! This seems to have fixed the problem.

– Michael Price from Huntsbury

– Reply to our local inquiry via Neighbourly, CCC water burns Cashmere HWCs, noted at

White household to CRA 14.7.17

gas-fired water system damage too

10 years ago we had trouble with corrosion with our Rheem gas water system while it was still under warranty. They said it was due to the water in these areas ‘hugging the hills’ and they’d had to replace several around here. We’re in Stanbury Avenue. They imported parts from Japan that were designed to cope with this water and, fingers crossed, it’s fine now.

– Tania White from Somerfield

– Reply to our local inquiry via Neighbourly, CCC water burns Cashmere HWCs, noted at

CCC email to CRA 13.7.17

Hi Rik

I’m not aware of any chemical analysis being undertaken in the Cashmere area since the testing we completed around September last year (reports attached). We do regularly test for bacteria as part of our ongoing monitoring just not any chemical analysis in this area. [Reports are here:
cashmere-drinking-water-2016-08-03-ccc-lab-report-160802001 155kB PDF]

It’s really important to note that you can’t read these results in isolation. What I mean by that is just because there is a specific result from one well that doesn’t mean you will be getting that same result in the street or through your tap. For example Spreydon Well’s 3, 4 and 5 all flow into a suction tank, from there the water is pumped into the network. Another point to remember is not all of these wells are run all the time. In my view we should be looking at the averages more so than individual results. This is especially true for ph. I would say the results for the three properties we tested would be the results to take most notice of. [Summaries here:]
Cashmere Water Sampling Results 2016 p1 of2
Cashmere Water Sampling Results June 2016 by CCC
Cashmere Water Sampling Results 2016 p2 of2
Cashmere Water Sampling Results Sept 2016 by CCC

Attached are two maps of the Cashmere area that should assist. When looking at them note that typically a reservoir doesn’t feed the zone it sits in, it feeds the next zone downhill. If you want a different view let me know and I can send you a different version. [Zoom view here:]
Cashmere Overview Map 2

In my view the water quality is very similar across all of Christchurch City, there are no specific locations or suburbs with known water quality issues.


Tim Drennan
Manager – Technical Services
Three Waters & Waste Unit

DDI: 03 941-8372
cell: 027 824 4592
Christchurch City Council
Civic Offices, 53 Hereford Street, Christchurch
PO Box 73015, Christchurch, 8154