Shaw‎ household to CRA 14.8.17

Hi there, we live on Dyers Pass Rd and have replaced 2 elements on a Peter Cox Silver Bullet cylinder in 2016. Eventually the cylinder started leaking and required full replacement. The brand new cylinder has already had one element replaced. Ironically our 30 year old cylinder seems to be much more reliable, although we still have had to replace one element in just under 5 years. Marcus Shaw‎


West household to CRA 10.8.17

Huntsbury hard water calcium


Just had our dishwasher just about stop working due to limescale, and recently returned from Denmark where all dishwashers have a salt dispenser to treat their hard water. In the process of investigating this I came across your water chch page. I have joined to post, as we have had many issues.

I live at 19 Huntsbury Ave, and my father lives in our old house at 1/21 Huntsbury. We were in 1/21 from 2005-2010, in 19 since then when we got my father in next door.

We have had numerous water issues, and I believe it has been far worse since quakes. I think we have replaced 3-4 heat exchangers or complete units since Nov 2010, in gas water heaters, both Bosch and Rinnai, copper and stainless, our jugs are terrible, and as i said dishwasher is bad also.

I had a kidney stone in 2012, which was calcium, and have been investigating water filters etc, but wonder how seriously the effect of the new concrete throughout the water system around the hill tanks is being taken, are CCC investigating the issues?

I am work in construction/heritage stonemasonry, and salts leaching from cement and aggregates is a big issue. I have had various opinions from gas appliance guys, but don’t seem to be much they can do, any thoughts, what is the CCC plan/ solution?

Is there recent data from Huntsbury 1 and 2 reservoir they have provided, or other in my area with issues?

Regards Ben West, 021406514

Neighbourly enquiry

Robertshaw household to CRA 3.8.17

Beckenham kettle scale too

Hey, is the “hard water” problem the issue leaving bad scaling in my brand new kettle?

– Jess Robertshaw from Beckenham

– Neighbourly reply to our local inquiry, CCC water burns Cashmere HWCs, noted at

Morrison household to CRA 21.7.17

gas hot water unit damage

yes we are in percival street and we are on to unit number 3! for gas hot water, got told the same thing at last installation, that it is the water. Seems to be worse since the earthquakes.

our latest is a Rinnai but did have a Bosch cannot recall what the first one was it lasted the longest, def think the water issues is post EQ.

– Zarnia Morrison, Sydenham

– Facebook reply to our local inquiry, CCC water burns Cashmere HWCs, noted at

Drijfhout household to CRA 21.7.17

gas hot water unit working

Rinnai units are suited to the water in the area. We were advised against getting a bosch. We live just past worsleys rd on cashmere rd.

– Marten Drijfhout, Cracroft

– Facebook reply to our local inquiry, CCC water burns Cashmere HWCs, noted at

Canning household to CRA 20.7.17

gas hot water unit damage

Hi, I’m in Selwyn street, I switched to gas for my hot water, my water pressure was rubbish. Brand is Bosch, in use for about two years and had to have outside unit replaced, was told water is damaging the parts.

– Lorraine Canning from Somerfield

– Reply to our local inquiry via Neighbourly, CCC water burns Cashmere HWCs, noted at

M_______ household to CRA 15.7.17

repeated HWC and kettle element damage

Frequent HWC element burnouts in beautiful Bowenvale Valley

Starting to lose count of the number of elements we have needed to replace in our home – 1972 original HWC owned house since 1982 (35yrs).

Going back, say last 10-12 yrs – replacement element June 2006, Sept 2010, Feb 2011, new Rheem cylinder with new element July 2011, burnt out July 2015 and again May 2017!!! Thats more than enough replacements – haven’t added up the total cost of parts, van mileage, callout, labour etc.

Our electric jugs/kettles arent lasting and have had several Sunbeam plastic and s/s models replaced under Warranty or just out of Warranty period. Our current s/s Breville has been leaking water from base for several months until it got so bad needed to buy replacement last weekend! Still locating Warranty but when found (tonight?) we should obtain a refund under the CGA!

Also in recent months the inside of our electric jug is a daily, if not several times weekly, task to try to keep clean of scale! Even the new jug which is only 5 days old has signs of build-up already. Prior to this purchase, a retailer told us that a Warranty may not cover a leaking jug because of liquefaction getting into the water supply, but we didn’t have liquefaction from the quakes in our area!

– __b & __y M_______ from Cashmere, D_______d Drive

– Reply to our local inquiry via Neighbourly, CCC water burns Cashmere HWCs, noted at