West household to CRA 10.8.17

Huntsbury hard water calcium



Just had our dishwasher just about stop working due to limescale, and recently returned from Denmark where all dishwashers have a salt dispenser to treat their hard water. In the process of investigating this I came across your water chch page. I have joined to post, as we have had many issues.

I live at 19 Huntsbury Ave, and my father lives in our old house at 1/21 Huntsbury. We were in 1/21 from 2005-2010, in 19 since then when we got my father in next door.

We have had numerous water issues, and I believe it has been far worse since quakes. I think we have replaced 3-4 heat exchangers or complete units since Nov 2010, in gas water heaters, both Bosch and Rinnai, copper and stainless, our jugs are terrible, and as i said dishwasher is bad also.

I had a kidney stone in 2012, which was calcium, and have been investigating water filters etc, but wonder how seriously the effect of the new concrete throughout the water system around the hill tanks is being taken, are CCC investigating the issues?

I am work in construction/heritage stonemasonry, and salts leaching from cement and aggregates is a big issue. I have had various opinions from gas appliance guys, but don’t seem to be much they can do, any thoughts, what is the CCC plan/ solution?

Is there recent data from Huntsbury 1 and 2 reservoir they have provided, or other in my area with issues?

Regards Ben West, 021406514

Neighbourly enquiry

Robertshaw household to CRA 3.8.17

Beckenham kettle scale too

Hey, is the “hard water” problem the issue leaving bad scaling in my brand new kettle?

– Jess Robertshaw from Beckenham

– Neighbourly reply to our local inquiry, CCC water burns Cashmere HWCs, noted at chchwater.wordpress.com/2017/07/10/cra-to-south-chch-neighbourly-10-7-17