Hardie household to CRA 10.7.17

copper-cylinder elements fail too


We have had to replace our element every 5 years or so. Earlier ones only lasted 2 years so now the electrician uses an element that is designed to resist corrosion. The cylinder itself is original (40+ years) though.

This has been an issue for the 20 years we have been here – the electrician seemed to know about it – it is a Cashmere water issue rather than a cylinder fault. It is a Perkins cylinder (copper).

– Bill Hardie from Cashmere, Holliss Ave

– Reply to our local inquiry via Neighbourly, CCC water burns Cashmere HWCs, noted at chchwater.wordpress.com/2017/07/10/cra-to-south-chch-neighbourly-10-7-17

Author: Rik Tindall

Hi, a community, environment & free/open software advocate from Otautahi/Christchurch, Aotearoa/New Zealand, liking world politics 4 equity, justice & societal quality of life 4 all, sustainable peace & truth

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