Ellwood household to CRA 8.7.17

solar HWC element also corroded


Dyers Pass Road near the Cracroft Reserve reservoirs, 25m drop from there, low pressure had afflicted other homes nearby too. But that matter has been resolved, a few years back.

Change of cylinder from copper, for a solar system installed July 2009, that led to an element failure in 2014 ($230 to replace) then again in July and December 2015. The latter repair changing to an “industrial” Hermetic element ($370 for this).

A stainless steel, mains pressure, Solocombo model Solar Master tank from Enviroplumb Ltd (gone bust?) – wetback, solar, electricity capable – generally working well.

A sacrificial anode may be tried if the element fails again.

Reading into the technical issue with the Ellwoods, a change of cylinder element (metal) is a lot of the tweak needed in resolving this fault. That is because of the chemical reaction set up inevitably in a weak base water solution drawing metal ions. i.e. Stop the reaction inside the HWC tank by choosing different element metal to leach.

Refs. wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_water +
Impacts of Water Quality on Residential Water Heating Equipment – U.S. Department of Energy, November 2013 – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Author: Rik Tindall

Hi, a community, environment & free/open software advocate from Otautahi/Christchurch, Aotearoa/New Zealand, liking world politics 4 equity, justice & societal quality of life 4 all, sustainable peace & truth

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