CCC to CRA 8.9.16

Morning All

We have completed the sampling and the results are attached.

I have provided a summary in excel which included the pumps station and reservoir sampling we did a few weeks back. Original lab report is also attached.

Tim Drennan
Manager – Technical Services
Three Waters & Waste Unit

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Cashmere Water Sampling Results Sept 2016 by CCC
Cashmere Water Sampling Results Sept 2016 by CCC
Cashmere Water Sampling Results June 2016 by CCC
Cashmere Water Sampling Results June 2016 by CCC

cashmere-drinking-water-2016-08-03-ccc-lab-report-160802001 155kB PDF


Challenger household to CRA 8.9.16


I have heard through the grapevine that the Cashmere Residents Association is doing some work on HWC due to Cashmere related problems. I am writing to ask if you would be so kind as to direct me to the person who is leading the charge on this.

We live in Valley Road and after an extensive rebuild had to replace our new HWC because it started leaking a year after install, and the replacement cylinder is now leaking as well so will also need replacing. This is one step up in terms of cost and complexity from replacing elements, and something of a problem as you can imagine. Your help with this would be much appreciated.

Regards Neil & Claire

P.S. Interested in Dale’s comments about putting in an air to water heatpump to replace his elements. We are in Valley Road Cashmere and have had an air to water heatpump for five years which has worked fine. However, our first HWC started leaking after about a year and its replacement also started leaking after a year – we currently live with a leaking HWC as we are reluctant to replace it while manufacturers and the CCC both blame each other for the problem. NEIL, 8th Sept 2016

The HWC was supplied by Superheat.

Update 27 September 2017 via
Just found your post about water quality in Cashmere – we are in Valley Road, and have gone through two HWC in three years – both of them having developed a leak. We have had the water tested and everything is above the CCC norm – with most chemicals in the water twice the ‘typical’ level, eg calcium 27 ppm cf CCC norm of 12 ppm. This calcium level means we are outside the warranty standards for Rheem (20 ppm max). We are currently looking around for a filter that will sort this issue for us, although no luck so far. Neil Challenger