Star Media to Cashmere 23.8.16

City council investigates Cashmere water August 2016
City council investigates Cashmere water August 2016

Christchurch City Council is investigating Cashmere water quality, during August 2016. It tests all water supplies regularly so does not expect anything new or different will be found. But cylinder tank suppliers have extensive records of an anomaly, in an arc across the hills above The Princess Margaret Hospital mostly but also in a wider suburban circle – of many, many unusual repairs they have had to do around Cashmere. What’s up with our water?

A CTV News snippet also appeared, at 12 minutes and 20 seconds into the broadcast, here:

Cashmere cylinder content CTV 25Aug2016
Cashmere cylinder content CTV 25 August 2016

Test results are pending. …


S_____ household to CRA 18.8.16

False alarm – no leak

In April 2012 we bought a Stiebel under-bench water heater, which needed a Pressure Limiting Valve in the supply pipe. This is made of brass and has recently developed a pinhole leak, dripping into the cupboard below. The plumber identified this as “the Cashmere problem” and has suggested replacing it with a new plastic model. Much more expensive!
Our 50 year old cylinder has yet to give trouble. Wait and see!
We live on Hackthorne Road

Update 25.10.16
Concerning the Cashmere HWC problems, I would like to have my posting removed, as the problem was not corrosion but a loose fitting. When screwed up tight, the problem disappeared. It was a very awkward place to reach with a spanner – hence the problem!

Editor: Item anonymised, left in place for how it may assist others.