Hayes household to CRA 18.7.16

I heard over the weekend that there was a dud batch of cylinders that came into NZ about 8 years ago…. Anita


Gibb household to CRA 17.7.16

St Martins has hard water too

We live in St Martins and built our house in 2009. We have just had our hot water cylinder replaced as the original one (6 years old) has corroded and was leaking. We now have a sacrificial anode which will hopefully prevent the new tank corroding.
Looking at the amount of corrosion in the tank, I suspect we have the same problem with the water here as you have in Cashmere.

Muirhead household to CRA 4.7.16

water quality woes widespread

In Sept/Oct 2010, the Muirheads of Hackthorne Road had a cylinder change from the rebuild of their home that had started in June. New plastic pipes and hoses were laid for the house water supply.

Post-earthquakes, problems began with a leak through the wall from the new cylinder. The tank supplier, Superheat said it was EQ-related, and EQC replacement was done in Dec 2015. An extra port had been added for solar heating, in the first install only.

The Muirheads have responded to CRA’s call for cylinder damage reports and list a range of unusual water effects:

* coffee machine failure in less than 2 years – repair technician had to use drill to get calcified screws out, and had never encountered the problem before
* onto their second electric jug already
* health issue of excess calcium build-up in a shoulder
* general hardness of water is over the top, can taste it, highly variable
* fish-tank water testing is done constantly – very hard to stabilise pH/acid level, according to Animates, but after 3 years a change to tropical and smaller fish has solved it – the larger fish now being gone has settled it
* a new fridge, now filtering water to the coffee machine etc, has brought some improvement

The Muirheads have friends on Kidson Tce and two sets on Dyers Pass Rd who have undergone recent element replacements, who could also report.

The Muirheads suggest a Cashmere School newsletter item, to get more reports in.

Thank you for contacting CRA.

Smith builder to CRA 4.7.16

A Beckenham builder called in response to our 28.6.16 news item: Pat Smith blames the manufacturing, not the water quality, for the single fault he has struck after 40+ years building houses in Beckenham etc.

Only a recent solar water-heating cylinder has failed on him. He believes the joints to be faulty, subject to ferrous corrosion and causing leaks, in this case.

Superheat make their own heating coils, Mr Smith tells us, questioning standards. He has never had a problem with the Peter Cocks brand.

Mr Smith has scooped a lot of residue out of the bottom of tanks, over the years, and has retained failed coils for inspection.

Mitchell household to CRA 4.7.16

Bowenvale has hard water

A Bowenvale pensioner reports striking this issue since moving to the area, with cylinder elements replaced twice so far: 24/5/13 and 3/6/15. The tank has not been an EQC repair though.

This resident came from Horseshoe Lake suburb where an electric jug element was completely clear, after over 10 years’ ownership, but no longer – it is gathering scale that puts flecks in the coffee now.

[another call, from a builder today – he blames the manufacturing, not the water quality, for the single fault he has struck in Beckenham.]

Update 3.10.17
Another cylinder element gone at Mrs Mitchell’s, the third in four years. 3kW to 2kW to 3 again now, titanium. A new jug bought too.