Star Media to Cashmere 28.6.16


Star Media have now acknowledged the chchwater website as the source for their 14.6.16 story, that we reported as Water quality cover-up? Thank you Southern View for this.

Christchurch City Council has begun work with the worst-affected households to try and resolve their water quality complaint.

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Howard household to CRA 23.6.16

Beckenham has hard water too

From seeking cylinder failure reports via,

Richard Howard, soil and groundwater consultant of Separate Phase Ltd, says:

Beckenham water is known to be hard. The CCC may dose it with lime to prevent pipe corrosion, but this is a balancing act for them as lime clags up all the hot things like your jug and pipe work. We installed a Bosch gas system and they last about 5-7 years in these conditions. Much easier to replace than a cylinder.

Defregger household to CRA 23.6.16

element upgrade also fails

From seeking cylinder failure reports via

Stephanie Defregger says:

Yes ours several times. So frustrating. Had to buy a super expensive titan piece to have it last a bit longer but the water has destroyed that too. There must be something faulty with the water. We are bottom of Hackthorne Road.

We had our problem starting when we moved into our new home. Got replaced after 6 months and Peter Cook said it happens all the time in that area here…

Ryder household to CRA 29.4.16

Beckenham has hard water too

Hi, my name is Lynda Ryder. We have a 4 and a half year old water cylinder which the company will not pay for as it’s the Beckenham water conditions, it is saying. We must have some claim on this. Are you able to help me??

– Enquiry via CRA page

Mcmahon household to CRA 19.6.16

cleaning filter clogged

After posting of:

Cashmere News Diary: 16 June 2016 – Water quality cover-up?

Jane Mcmahon from Cashmere commented:

This might be a bit ‘left of field’ but I recently had my windows cleaned. The guy that cleans them has a filter on his cleaning system and he was shocked at my water quality. I’m not sure of the readings (or what he was actually ‘reading’) but his filter needed replacing after just washing my windows and he said it usually lasts approx. a month!

Warwick household to CRA 19.6.16

Cracroft one-off HWC fail

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Cashmere News Diary: 16 June 2016 – Water quality cover-up?

Rebecca Warwick from Cracroft commented:

Our element also needed replacing shortly after the earthquake (our house was only 7 months old). Haven’t had a problem since.

Cylinder make and type: HJ Cooper, mains pressure, solar ready.

CRA responds:

Karen Degen’s and Rebecca’s replies reinforce each other and offer a clue. The sudden spike of cylinder corrosion post-earthquake could have been due to the short-term addition of chlorine as a steriliser to the water supply. Did this make it slightly acidic, causing the corrosion, at that time? It doesn’t explain why it’s just a Cashmere-area problem though, nor why it is still continuing (when the chlorination has long ceased.)

Degen household to CRA 17.6.16

Tip: upgrade HWC element

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Cashmere News Diary: 16 June 2016 – Water quality cover-up?

Karen Degen from Cashmere commented:

We also have had this issue. We were told that the water in Cashmere is particularly ‘hard’. Ensure you ask your electrician to give you an element that is made for hard water. It won’t help completely with the problem, but it’s essential to get the better quality element.

The house has since been demolished and rebuilt so the cylinder brand is not known. Not EQC, we paid for the element replacement ourselves. Once they saw that it was corroded they said it was not EQ related. [?]