Upritchard household to CRA 6.2.16

Repeated cylinder-element failure


Dear CRA,

We have just had to replace out hot water element, under two years of replacing the element a previous time. Our plumber said it was due to corrosion and they have had a lot of problems on the Cashmere Hills since the earthquake repairs. Our plumber was Natham Gilbert of Reliance Plumbing phone 03-365-5555 or 021-234-7494. There is obvious corrosion signs on the outside of the hot water cylinder and he said we will probably within a year, have to replace the cylinder itself.

We have also had signs of corrosion on a recently bought Breville stainless steel kettle which has caused the kettle to leak and we have had to purchase a new kettle.

Our Peter Cocks cylinder was installed in 1990. Natham tells us there is a similar hot water supply problem in the Avonhead or Fendalton area too. Ask him about it.

Kind regards

Christine and Graeme Upritchard

Rhodesvale Terrace